Do your Raised Garden Beds require any assembly?
No. All of our Raised Garden Beds are pre-assembled and ready to go.

What shapes and sizes of Raised Garden Beds are available?
We have 307 sizes of round and Slimline (like rectangular with round ends) available to order. There are 3 different heights: Lowset (500mm high), Midset (800mm high), and Highset (1000mm high). View Highset and Lowset Round beds here, or Highset and Lowset Slimline beds here. Midset beds are also available in every width, length and diameter, but currently can be ordered by phone only, on 0410 554 206.

Diameters of our round beds range from 800mm to 2400mm, and of course can be ordered in any of the 3 different heights.

Slimline widths range from 600mm to 1100mm, and lengths from 1200mm to 3000mm. These of course can be ordered in any of the 3 different heights.
Occasionally we receive “one off specials” that are outside this range. Please view our Specials page to see what we currently have on offer.

What colours of Raised Garden Beds are available?
22 Colorbond® colours are available, as well as the iconic Plain Steel finish. Standard colours that come with no extra charge include: Pale Eucalypt, Paperbark, Surfmist, Dune, Woodland Grey and Plain Steel.

How durable are your steel Raised Garden Beds?
Extremely durable. A recent customer survey returned comments such as:

“I have had two of these beds now for over three years and they look as good as the day they arrived. Plants grow amazingly and the product is very sturdy and robust.”

“The raised garden bed has been consistently strong, has retained its clean appearance, and has been great fun to use.”

“I’ve had the beds for several years now and they’re perfect.”

Our raised Garden Beds are made from Aquaplate® Steel, which has an internal food grade polymer lining that combines strength, lightness and durability for long life contact with soil. Our slimline garden beds are fitted with internal tensioning rods (made from marine grade stainless steel) for extra durability and to withstand the weight of the soil.

Do your Raised Garden Beds come with any warranty?
Yes, our beds come with a 5 year manufacturer’s structural warranty. All workmanship related to the construction of the garden bed is covered. The only exclusions are paint, and rust due to direct exposure to ocean or sea water/spray.

Do you offer installation?
Yes, absolutely. You can request an installation quote when placing your garden bed order at the checkout. Alternatively, phone Dean on 0410 554 206 and he will be able to give you a quote.

How long will it take for my Raised Garden Bed to arrive?
Once your order has been confirmed, your Raised Garden Bed will be constructed and generally be delivered to your backyard within 3 weeks.

Where do you deliver to?
We offer ‘supply & deliver’ or ‘complete installation’ service to Southeast Queensland and Northern NSW customers. For customers in greater Sydney and Melbourne we offer supply and deliver service for made to measure garden beds only. For delivery areas outside these regions, please contact Dean for a quote, on 0410 554 206 or email Unfortunately we do not deliver overseas.

I live on the 78th floor of a Surfers Paradise high rise, do you deliver to my door?
Of course! We will also position it on your balcony, as well as perform a full installation if you wish. Please tell us you have a lift…

Can I choose my delivery date, and do I need to be there to accept delivery?
Yes, we work with you to organise a convenient delivery date and time. While we prefer you to be home to direct us where to place your Raised Garden Bed, we understand that this is not always possible. If you are unable to be there to accept the delivery, you will have an opportunity beforehand to speak directly to the person who will make the delivery, so that you can give clear instructions on where you would like your Raised Garden Bed left.

Can I pick up a Raised Garden Bed from you?
Unfortunately not, except in special circumstances. We are an online supplier only – we keep costs down and prices low by not having a shopfront. In special circumstances where a delivery is impractical, we will try to coordinate with our manufacturing plant (which is in a separate location to our office) to allow you to pick up the Raised Garden Bed/s from them, as long as you can meet the P.P.E. and safety regulations.

Can I view the Raised Garden Beds in person before I order?
Unfortunately not. Because of the huge volume of products that comes with having our beds available in 307 sizes and 23 colours, we make the beds as they are ordered. We don’t keep any stock, because it just would not be practical, given the huge variety of our beds available and their size. Consequently, nor do we have a shopfront, this allows us to keep costs down, and this is why our beds are priced comparably to those of far inferior quality and variety that you may come across in retail outlets.
All the information and pictures regarding our products are available on this website. However, should you require more specific information before your place an order, then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly on 0410 554 206 and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Do your Raised Garden Beds have sharp steel edges?
No. Our Raised Garden Beds are fitted with heavy duty UV-treated rubber trim along the top edge.

How does a steel Raised Garden Bed differ from a planter box or pot plant?
Compared to cumbersome concrete blocks or heavy timber sleepers, our raised steel garden beds are light weight and are delivered pre-assembled to your backyard. No heavy lifting. No instruction manuals. No assembly labour or tools required. Just add soil, seeds and water! You can also add a base to a raised steel garden bed for patio or deck locations.
Compared to terracotta or plastic pots, our raised steel garden beds are larger in size (volume) and are higher off the ground (up to 1m high) which means less bending over. Think of the cost and number of pots you would require to be equivalent to one raised steel garden bed! A raised steel garden bed can also be position directly in your garden to allow better drainage and easy worm migration.
Our raised steel garden beds are made of durable Aquaplate Steel which unlike plastic, terracotta, timber or concrete, they will not crack, rot or degrade under the harsh Australian sun.

How easy is it to install a steel Raised Garden Bed and do I need to prepare the ground?
Installation is not complicated, but will obviously require a lot of soil to be shifted. Please refer to our DIY installation guide.

How do I calculate the volume of soil required for my Raised Garden Bed?
You don’t have to, we have calculated the volume of every garden bed. The litre volumes are displayed in brackets in the Round and Slimline pricing tables. To help when you are ordering soil or potting mix, if you would like a volume total for all the beds you order, along with some options of different materials to fill your bed with and their proportions, we will help you with that too.

What are your “One-Off Special” Raised Garden Beds?
Our One-Off Specials are Raised Garden Beds that have either been off-cut from larger bed or water tanks, or put together using material that was not a suitable size or would create too much wastage to make any of our listed beds. Our One-Off-Specials are already made when they are listed, so they are ready to go. They also represent fantastic value, with great savings to be made in comparison to standard beds of similar sizes. Our five year manufacturer’s structural warranty still applies to our One-Off Specials.

Can I add different options to the “One-Off Specials” (e.g. add a base or painted a different colour)?
Unfortunately not. Unlike our made-to-measure beds, our “specials” come in predetermined colours, sizes and configurations. The good news is they are ready to go and can be delivered ASAP, so if you see one you like you can have it without waiting for it to be made. Like our made-to-measure beds, our discounted specials come with a 5 year structural warranty.

What is the delivery time for a “One-Off Special” Raised Garden Bed?
Once your order has been confirmed and paid for, your “One-Off Special” garden bed will be delivered as soon as Dean has time. His record is within 3 hours, and he’s always up for a challenge!

What is the ordering process?
Once you have chosen your selection of garden beds and accessories online and have placed your order through our ‘Checkout’ page, you will receive an emailed order conformation within 24 hours. Please check that your order is correct and contact us immediately with any amendments. Once you are happy with your order details and your payment has been received, you will be emailed a tax invoice receipt and we will begin to build your bed. You will be contacted within 2 weeks following this to arrange a delivery date, which will be approximately 3 weeks from the time of order confirmation.

What type of payments do you accept?
Our preferred method of payment is electronic funds transfer (EFT), however we also accept VISA / MASTERCARD payments over the phone.

EFT & Cash Deposits

Visa & Mastercard Welcome

Should you wish to pay cash, you can also deposit money directly into our account through any Commonwealth Bank Branch.

Is there a credit card surcharge when paying by card?
No. Charging you to give us money? That would just be silly! 🙂

Do you offer a Seniors Card discount?
Yes indeedy, all Seniors Card holders receive 20% discount on delivery within South East QLD and Northern NSW areas. In Sydney and Melbourne, the 20% discount applies to the red metro areas only.

Can I cancel an order, and are there any cancellation fees?
Yes, you can cancel your order. All order cancellation requests must be in writing (emails are acceptable). A 20% cancellation/re-stocking fee will apply to the price of goods only. (i.e. delivery fee will be fully refunded)