• Gold Coast Garden Beds are made from Aquaplate® Steel.
  • Aquaplate® Steel has an internal food grade polymer lining that combines strength, lightness and durability for long life contact with soil (do not confuse with cheaper roofing or fencing steel).
  • View more technical information on Bluescope’s Aquaplate® Warranty.
Colour Finish
  • Standard Colorbond® Colours: Galvanised, Pale Eucalypt, Paperbark, Dune, Surfmist and Woodland Grey (QLD only). Contact us for standard colours in NSW and VIC.
  • Other Colorbond® Colours: Post painted over galvanised finish (refer to chart).
  • Please note there is no warranty on paint.
  • Pre-assembled, single piece construction.
  • Machine curved and joined with self pierced flush mount rivets.
  • Heavy duty rubber strip along the top edge.
  • 5 year manufacture warranty applies to construction.
  • Slimline Beds – Cross braced with stainless steel tension rods
  • Engineered to hold the weight of soil to avoid bulging and distortion.
  • Tension rods are pre installed
Base (Optional)
  • Double sided Aquaplate® Steel (polymer lining both sides).
  • Machine folded and riveted to the bottom of the garden bed for added strength.
  • Drainage holes provided on bottom corrugation (seam side).
  • Designed to keep soil in place. NB: Bases are NOT designed to hold water.
  • No warranty applies to adapted garden beds after purchase (eg. pond conversions etc)